Boss babe life

The truth is I never anticipated being a business owner. It was never something I thought that I could do or would want to do. I have always gone with the flow of life and done what I thought I was supposed to do, go to college, get a job, buy a house, retire from said job and then start living your life, traveling etc. I had thought I was living the life I was supposed to and I was, but I need to start living a life that gave me something to look forward to, enjoy and be passionate about. It was not until my late 20’s that I felt like I was ready to do something completely different. I left my social work job, sold my house and applied to pastry school @ Johnson & Wales in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the time, I needed a change, had always wanted to move out of state and see what else was out there. Pastry school was the change that I needed and the start of my journey that has led me to this boss babe life 12 years later.

I am happy to share my story with you on this blog. I am far from perfect and I still have lots of things I am sorting out in my personal and professional life. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, try something new and see where life takes you.


Ann LoParo