The reason I made my tagline "everything but the cake"

Cake is boring. Yes, I said it. Soft fluffy, usually dry, usually pretty and rarely eaten. How can I say this?? I just did. I am not sorry. It is the truth. I have eaten desserts my whole life and the only “good cakes” are made from a boxed mix. Yes, I can taste the difference, sadly, you probably cannot. If you go to a bakery, you assume that everything is made from scratch. NOPE! Boxed cake mixes come in 50#bags and are in local bakeries here and all over the USA. I have seen it, I can taste the difference.

I have been on a strictly dessert diet since I was about 13. Besides my dessert addiction, I can also attest to how many cakes are thrown away after weddings, and events. I have been a professional pastry chef since 2006. I have seen it, eaten it, and been disappointed way too many times. Of course there are a rare few that will sneak in and be beautiful and edible. Think about it… when was the last time you heard someone talk about a cake…I guarantee you that the conversation is all about the look of the cake and how pretty it is. Kudos to those cake makers that have the patience to spend hours putting details on cakes. It stresses me out. Beyond the decorating, the delivery. OMG, talk about stressful!! Not for me. I can make hundreds of desserts in the same amount of time it takes to build and decorate one cake. As a business owner, I get to do what I want. Therefore, no more cakes for me.

The dessert world has become about the look of the sweets and less on the taste of the sweets. Desserts should be enticing but also unforgettable in flavor profile, and simply stated. Everyone is getting on this pastry train and a lot of them are talented decorators but the desserts themselves are sub par. I had a cookie today that was decorated for an event and I was so excited to try it. One bite, hard frosting, dry cookie, no flavor. I am not one to not finish my desserts but this cookie did not make it past one bite. Not everyone can go to pastry school, I get it. If you like dry, homemade pretty desserts, have at it. I am more than happy to teach you what I have learned over the last 12 years. I host several baking classes a month and will host private classes in your home to ensure your product is beautiful and edible.

My sweets are unique, flavorful, fun and always fresh. I promise you will not be disappointed. Anyone can call themselves a baker, train in Europe, make sweets at home (that is how I started), open a bakery, put your name on everything and make it pretty, but it takes a lot of years of practice, understanding the science of baking to make sure your sweets reach their highest potential. At the end of the day, you cannot be a badass baker with terrible desserts. Yes, I am biased but also experienced and a badass baker who is not stopping anytime soon.

Have a wonderful day!


Ann LoParoComment