Reflecting on 2018

2018 was a year like no other. 2016 and 2017 pushed my to my limits physically, mentally and emotionally and I had no idea what to expect going into 2018. I have put a lot of time and effort into re-evaluating what I want in my life. I have learned to let go more, be open, be grateful, be humble, take risks, be confident, listen more, breathe more and enjoy moments and people more. I appreciate experiences and kindness from others.

2018 gave me tons of challenges but also amazing rewards and opportunities to share my passion. I have been able to showcase my passion for baking, teaching and connecting with amazing people who have put their trust in me.

I have finally accepted that I am running a business all by myself and I am a badass baker. A few years back, I was at my friend’s house picking up Girl Scout cookies:) and my friend’s daughter had a bunch or art work hanging on the walls. I said, you are such an amazing artist, I wish I was an artist. She said you are an artist, you are a food artist. At the time, I thought it was nice of her to say but I really could not process that I am an artist. I have always been a baker at heart. The baking process fascinates me. I am obsessed with desserts, all desserts. I will find them wherever I go. It is the first thing I look at on a menu. I am always thinking of what I can create next. I am pretty sure that is how artists create. They create from passion, curiosity, and lots of trial and error.

I am grateful to each of you that have allowed me to share my journey with you, my passion with you, and of course my Signature Sweets. You have helped me gain more confidence in myself and my talent, you have put a smile on my face so many times this year by sharing your own excitement of this roller coaster ride.

Not everyone will understand my passion, obsession, or need for desserts all day every day and that is fine. Strange, but fine. Truth be told, I have learned this year in particular that the most important thing is to find my own happiness, joy and the right people will come along for the ride.

It saddens me to know that people have distanced themselves, or choose not to support me on this ride. I wish them all well. This journey is not for everyone. I am learning to try to let the drama be as far away as possible and only be around the people that take the time to get to know me, not the FB or Instagram version that shows a small piece of my life, but the real me.

May you find peace in 2018 and happiness in 2019.



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