From student to Pastry Chef to Teacher

I remember being in the kitchen one day and Bill Hildebrandt came in and said to me, why don’t you teach classes in here?? I said “I would love to, but I am not sure if people will come” He said “whatever gets people through the doors”:) He was a very wise and super supportive man who is missed daily. He would call me and catch up or listen to me when I was needing some advice. He truly was the best. I am so grateful to have had his blessing more than a few times as Annie’s Signature Sweets has grown.

My classes began and I never looked back. I found a new way to connect with people, teach people my knowledge that I have gained in Pastry career and show off this amazing historic building that Bill was so proud of.

As a business owner without a physical bakery, it had been a challenge for people to find me, They always wanted to come to my shop to see me or buy a cookie. Truth is, I had burnt out from the business and needed some connection and joy. Teaching has brought more joy and excitement than I could have imagined. The restaurant world can get overwhelming and lonely and a lot of times the only people you see are the employees, not the customers who are actually eating and purchasing your food. I craved the connection.

My first class was February 5th 2018 and it was all about Tarts. I knew that I wanted my classes to be very hands on. I tried to see what other classes were out there and all I could find were decorating classes. You don’t even make the cookies, you just pipe them for 2 hours. I do NOT have the patience for that. My ADD is way too strong.

I find my creativity comes out more when I am making more than one thing at a time. It is also a necessary skill when you are in the business because you have so many responsibilities, you have to work fast, efficient and produce a TON of products.

My classes are always hands on. Everyone that comes makes and creates their own products. You take home what you make. You have a selection of different toppings, fillings to make your product unique. I encourage people to breathe (yes even in pastry, you have to remember to breathe), have fun, relax, take pictures, be silly, be creative, ask questions and try new things.

I started sending out surveys to my students for feedback and the common feedback is: laid back environment, hands on, fun, inspiring, easier than I thought, not as intimidating as I thought. Of course I had a couple classes where I was not on point and felt off, but still the feedback was honest, and the overall experience was still outweighing any mishaps.

To every single one of my students, THANK YOU for letting me share my passion, my joy for desserts and carbs and for coming to class with an open mind, tons of smiles and laughs, and opening the door to so much joy in my life. I sooo needed it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching all of you and am excited to keep sharing my knowledge and passion with you for as long as I can.

Huge thank you to the Hildebrandt family who have always been so kind and generous and encouraging and giving my business a home to bake and teach all of you.

February classes are posted and include Cinnamon Rolls, Tarts, Macarons, Pies, Pretzels and a special cream puffs and eclairs class at Cafe Piccolo in Avon on February 6th. I hope to see you in a class soon. I host private parties for team building, bachelorette parties, birthdays, or any other occasion. I require a minimum of 5 people to book an event @



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