A case of the Mondays

Monday’s are typically, woe is me, I don’t want to go back to work…boo hoo hoo! I actually don’t mind Mondays. I feel like they are a great way for me to begin my week. I work out in my fitness class, go to run my errands, do some work and try to “relax”. Mondays are a lot of chaos, but if I don’t do those things, I am usually off my game for the week. Funny how we get set in routines sometimes and don’t even realize it. When I was in the restaurant business, Mondays we were almost always closed so it kind of became my unofficial restart for the end of the week (especially since I always worked weekends).

This weekend I was in my head a lot. Running a business by myself has its challenges, being a 1 woman show gets mentally and physically exhausting. I make sure that no matter what, I find time to have tun. This weekend I spent time with some family, friends, taught my baking classes with my amazing students and of course, did some non-baking work. The more I was in my head, the more I wanted to switch gears. It is not always easy but the real life stuff (everything but the baking) has to be done too. Although, these are not my favorite things to do, they are part of what I signed up for being a boss babe.

Today I had several conversations with people and its always funny to see yourself from another perspective. For as many times as I get in my head about what I am doing right, what I have to work on and what I am trying to do, how I want to represent myself as a business owner and make sure I am not being too annoying in the process, it helps to find out what people see as an outsider looking in. I strive to be real and not be annoying about things. I don’t want to overpost the same pictures and things over and over again because I know it gets annoying. I don’t want to only post pics of desserts, because that too gets annoying. I always want to have a balance of me, my business, and my passions for life (family, friends, travel, and of course baking).

Social media has its rules and I follow some of them. I have to remind myself to stick to my intuition. I can always improve, but I absolutely can also be proud to be exactly where I am. I am making sure I spend the rest of the week, focusing more on the things I know best represent myself and my business.

One day at a time is how I got here, One day at a time, Is exactly how I will continue to grow in business and in life.

Thanks to those that I ran into today with the words of encouragement for me and excitement for my business. I really appreciate it. I was told how happy that they can tell that I am, how successful that I am, and how hard I work. These are values I make sure I apply as often as possible, but I definitely have moments and times where I get in my head and wonder what is or is not working. I appreciate your honesty, your ideas and your pure joy for me on this adventure. It is quite the ride. Amazing, bumpy, crazy, unpredictable, so I am going to throw my hands up and keep on keeping on.

I am grateful to each of you that cheer me on, support me and are along for this roller coaster ride with me. It means so much!

I hope to see you in at the Hildebrandt picking up some signature sweets or in my classes! I will pretty much be living there until next summer:)



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