What a ride!

To say this entrepreneur life is a ride is the biggest understatement I could think of. It is a journey, adventure, roller coaster, of unpredictable, exciting, exhausting and overwhelming tasks, rewards, and bumps.

A year ago this week, I taught my first baking class. I knew I wanted to connect with people and share my passion for pastries. I knew it would be challenging. I had no idea how rewarding it would be. I expected to have fun, teach a few classes, see some new faces and teach them what I know. I totally underestimated the impact it would have on me.

The experience has literally blown my mind. I found my niche, I found my people who are just as excited about desserts as I am, I found more joy than I ever imagined in getting to know each and every student.

I have had just about every type of person come in the doors: couples, singles, friends, co-workers, moms with their kids, dads with their kids, brothers, sisters with their moms, private parties for friends birthdays, I have a work party booked in March, a bachelorette class in March as well.

Students have come in the door with smiles and an open mind, Every time I see someone come in the door, I can breathe, I can be myself in my favorite spot, the kitchen. When I start every class, I just go. I have learned to stop and embrace the moments more, gained confidence, appreciated the science of baking so much more than I ever imagined.

I cannot believe I have taught over 42 classes in 1 year. I have connected with so many of you beyond the classroom and I am so grateful. You continue to inspire me, fuel my passion and help me to keep on pushing through the challenges that this roller coaster likes to throw my way time and time again. I am humbled, honored, grateful and excited to see what this next year of classes brings.

I am not crying, you are crying:)



Ann LoParoComment