Behind the Badass Baker

Behind the badass baker I am just a girl trying to enjoy the moments more, be inspired, learning letting go of the things that are not important.

I am the second oldest of 4 kids (I have an older sister, younger sister and brother)

My dad was a Green Beret in Vietnam, worked for the FBI and sold make up. He is the 2nd oldest of 4 and is Irish and Italian.

My mom was head of mammography at St. Johns, is Irish Catholic and has 14 siblings.

I am a pretty good combination of both my parents. They taught me to work hard, be thoughtful, be kind, and supportive and have fun.

I am a proud aunt to 6 amazing kids ranging from 2 to 15. Being an aunt is truly one of my favorite things in life. All 6 kids have their own unique personalities and they inspire me all the time. Their parents have done an amazing job with them :) They are funny, kind, sweet, sassy, stubborn, smart and of course adorable.

I am not organized AT ALL. My car is a mess of bags, collapsible crates, spare clothes and shoes, snacks, you name it, it is probably in the car.

I love to travel. Traveling feeds my soul. It truly is the only time I can truly stop, shut off my phone and pause my life and take a deep breath.

I am an introvert (not as much anymore). I am much more of an observer than an extrovert. Not in a creepy way of course lol.

I am a food artist (as told to me by my assistant, Fiona :)

I crave chaos and structure at the same time.

I can eat more desserts than anyone I know. Try me:)

I am obsessed with Paris, pastries and carbs.

I make mistakes.

I get overwhelmed.

I love to laugh.

I love to be surrounded with happy, creative, inspiring people.

I have no idea where I will be in the next 5 years or tomorrow.

I am unstoppable in seeking what is ahead.

I am grateful to each of you that are part of my life. It means more than you know.

I wish you the best week! I hope to see you soon.



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