This Boss Babe life

This Boss babe life has its challenges.

One woman show means, I shop, I set up, I clean up, I sell, I deliver, I create, I do It all. Don’t feel sorry for me, I chose this path, but it is exhausting and unpredictable on the daily. Most days are great, some days are really insane, like yesterday when my class got cancelled due to the power outage AND then my car died.

Time= there are never enough hours in the day

Money= Ohhh the money. I am passion driven, I will bake for the rest of my life. That sweet tooth is still there and no matter what, I will be creating sweets to feed that sweet tooth. Money is a necessity and I of course want to make lots of it so I can travel more often, but the reality is, first the money has to provide you with your basic needs- home, transportation, clothing etc. I am a solo entrepreneur. I have no 401K to cash in, no secret bank account, I still work part time and I have no clue every month if I will have enough money to pay my bills. So far, I still have shelter, my car died but will be fixed and costs a lot of $$$$ to fix.

Passion propels me to keep on keeping on. The hardest days remind me to slow down, re-evaluate my next steps and to pause.

Today I will do my best to “relax” refocus and keep on keeping on while I wait for my car to fixed and returned.

I am grateful for all the texts, calls, ride offers and love. I am truly grateful and appreciative.

Now do me a favor and sign up for ALL of my classes and buy ALL of my sweets so I can continue to pay bills and don’t have to start to add you to my “can I move in with you?” list ( I can pay rent in sweets FYI!)

Have a great week!


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