I am a mover, a shaker and a badass baker

I have never been good at sitting still. I am a mover and a shaker and a badass baker. I prefer to always be moving, baking and eating sweets. Obviously:) I can be relaxed on occasion sitting down at a computer but more times than not, it stresses me out.

When I was a social worker, I managed about 16 -20 families at a time and each family had anywhere from 1 to 10 kids or more, My caseload was unique and every day was different. The documentation was extremely important. You had to record every conversation, visit, court appearance, mileage, if you did it, write it down. I was terrible at writing it down and would often get behind on my paperwork.

I have always LOVED doing things. It feeds my energy and soul. When I decided to pursue pastry as a career, I could not be more excited to be in a classroom that was a kitchen. It was a whole new world. Make me read about something, I probably won’t remember, my mind is constantly racing.

I have learned over the years to try to be more patient about the non baking stuff and I literally struggle with it A LOT! Take a girl away from a computer for about a decade and then when she decides to start a business, relearn how to use a computer. Throw on the business stuff, food cost, documenting everything for taxes, keeping track of receipts, and everything that you do, it is A LOT. It is overwhelming.

It is not fun to “run a business” but the baking is what keeps me going. It always will. There are people who run businesses and hand off the baking to employees. This badass baker will always be in the kitchen.

I am going to learn everything I can to know my business inside out and however long it takes me, I will eventually get there. I am making progress slowly but surely. Thank you for your support on this bumpy crazy ride. It definitely continues to keep a smile on my face :)

I hope to see you in the kitchen either picking up your Signature Sweets or letting me teach you what skills I have learned over the last 12 1/2 years in my baking classes. All of my classes are on my website and Eventbrite.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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