A sneak peak into my boss babe life.

Every week is different and also very similar. I have control over a lot of what I commit to and what I choose to focus on. I am not a planner by nature, I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. However, I realized that after I left a very structured decade of being in the restaurants and resort life, I missed structure.

I was able to walk in every day, gather my list of events, inventory my products and get going. The monotony got to me and ultimately led to me leaving the restaurants and clubs aka “the business” to start over.

I have no regrets in where I am at right now, I believe that I am right where I am supposed to be. That being said, it has been tough and challenging to figure out how to implement structure into my daily life.

I have slowly found ways to implement structure and it has truly made a big difference. I continue to learn every day how to balance a full time business, a part time job (to pay my bills) and implement some fun, rest and time with family and friends.

Things that have helped:

  1. Yoga and Fitness- In the business, most restaurants and bakeries close on Mondays, this has allowed me to keep a pretty consistent schedule of fitness and yoga at least 1x a week and if I am lucky 2-3x a week. Fitness is both tough and fun and yoga helps me remember how physically and mentally strong I am. I find that the busier I am, the harder it is to relax but not matter how long it has been since I was on my yoga mat, it helps calm me, if even for an hour.

  2. I scheduled an “office day” 1x a week at Limelight. This makes me get up and go to an inspiring place where I can quietly work on the non-baking stuff. Not my favorite thing to work on, but it has to get done. Limelight is not only beautiful, but it is the perfect place for me to have my office day. I am always welcomed, inspired and get at least a few things done that I otherwise would not get done at a coffee shop or at home.

  3. I plan out a schedule to get all or most of my supplies every week in the beginning of the week to limit my need to go to the store too many times.

  4. I always make sure to make time for friends and family. No matter how “busy” my schedule is, I will make time for the right people. It is frustrating when people assume that because they see my social media that I am too busy for them or when they say they don’t want to call because I am too busy. I will find a way, trust me.

  5. I work a ton of hours and I honestly LOVE being In the kitchen more than anything else (except for Bali, Paris, or Costa Rica:) but I have to make sure I take at least a day or two a week to not be in the kitchen. I learned how to mass produce and be more productive so I am much better off working a longer day than several short days with no time off. This is still a work in progress as I struggle with not thinking about what I have to do on my day “off”

  6. I am always itching for a getaway, traveling is in my blood, unfortunately my travel bug and wallet are not quite yet on the same page. Traveling allows me to completely disconnect from the day to day monotony and focus on new and exciting things. I am always thinking of where to go next.

I chose this path and am super grateful that I get to do what I love. I hope that whatever path you are on, that you find a “system” that fits for your life and schedule.

Thanks for reading my blog, supporting me on this roller coaster ride. I look forward to seeing you in a class, picking up an order of my signature sweets or if you ever see me in public, always feel free to say hello!!


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