Defining the hustle

Urban Dictionary Definition:

Hustle: “to have the courage confidence, self belief and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life”.

3 years ago, I would have never defined myself as a hustler, I have always been a hard worker and Never would have imagined what 3 years of hustling can do to change my life. WOW! I cannot even tell you how much my life has changed. I made it happen all by myself.

Things I knew 3 years ago, I have a passion/obsession for all things pastry, I love to travel, I love to be alone and I love to be around people, I was on the brink of a huge meltdown. Truth is, I burned myself out and lost my passion. I had no direction, I was a hot mess. I am not your typical planner person and I find that somethings keep reappearing as signs, but I was never a believer in signs.

3 years ago I went on a magical trip to Bali and learned how to let go, relax, take in the beauty that is Bali and clear my head. I started to be open to seeing signs and one step at a time, I paid attention, became more open, found some clarity. As I paid attention to the signs, I kept on moving forward.

The last 3 years have included a lot of tragedy, stress, confusion, time lost, money lost, therapy, clarity, openness, happiness, rewards, confidence, strength, smiles, award winning desserts, tv spots, radio, publications in bride magazines, a feature of my best selling lemon lavender cookie in Cleveland magazine, 2 articles in the Sun News and a front page paper picture of me flexing my muscles:) Only badass bakers flex their muscles:)

I am honored to have become a teacher to hundreds of you who also are passionate about baking, letting go and being open to learning what I know and what I don’t know. You accept me no matter what, even when I fumble through a class because I am human and sometimes I drop a tray of sweets, forget to put something out in a class, burned something in the oven. I have taught over 65 classes in 13 months.

I am not dainty, I am real, I make mistakes, I don’t have it all figured out. I don’t have a business background. I work a part time job because I have to pay my bills. I have no secret bank account or investor or assistant. I do it all.

I have heart, passion, confidence in my abilities, I LOVE what I do (when I am in the kitchen- not on the computer)

I am truly grateful to have your support. Thank you for accepting me as I am, a passionate badass baker who will usually have sweets in her purse and/or being hunting down every bakery in any city to satisfy my sweet cravings.

If you ever see me out in public, feel free to say hello. I absolutely love meeting all of you.

Have a fabulous weekend!



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