High 5 for 5th place!

I cannot say it enough, I am super grateful, and honored to have so much love and support from you all. Some of you, I cannot even say I have met in person, a lot of you are strangers from the internet that believe in me and that is amazing!

In November 2018, I was awarded with the 5th most sinful sweet in Cleveland. Yep, me, your favorite badass baker. I had friends, family and strangers literally voting for me every hour on the hour for about 2 weeks. I had 2 desserts that were entered in the contest my lemon lavender shortbread and my pretzel salted caramel cheesecake. My lemon lavender cookie is what I am most known for. I take it everywhere and it is often in my purse, sometimes in a large purple box with a bow ready for anyone who asks… do you have any sweets on you??? Yes, yes I do (most of the time).

My pretzel salted caramel cheesecake was an idea I had that combined salty and sweet. It reminded me of a dessert I used to make with a pretzel crust and topped with cherry pie filling. Delicious. I wanted to use caramel instead of the cherries and it was sooo good. Fun fact: only about 4 people had tried this dessert prior to the judges at Cleveland.com when they did the tasting for the most sinful sweet. I was confident that they would love it. I had no idea how much of an impact it would have.

I feel like I am slowly making progress and getting some recognition for my hard work. I literally run on sugar and carbs. I cannot thank you enough for keeping me smiling and encouraged on the days where I am overwhelmed and tired (there are several) and for the joy you bring to me by attending my classes, sharing my posts, ordering my sweets, encouraging me in person and through calls and texts and dm’s and of course voting for me in these contests. I am humbled, grateful, proud and inspired.

A year ago I had only taught about 5 classes and most of you had no idea who I was. Thank you for keeping this passion ignited! If you have ideas for upcoming classes or menu ideas please send them to me @ anniessignaturesweetscle@gmail.com



Ann LoParo