Making my own rules and fumbling along the way

Being a boss babe definitely has some highs, I make my own schedule, I can say yes or no to just about anything I choose, I can make my own menu and change it as often as I would like, I am responsible for every decision that I made regarding my business. This means that all the good things are a result of both the hard work and the falls. I do not like to use the word Fail. To me it is very negative and very final. If you fall, you get back up, if you fail…..then what??? you start again?

Some of the fumbles I have encountered include,

  1. taking on too much (mostly because I work alone and I am stubborn so I have a hard time saying no)

  2. undercooking or overcooking an item because I feel like my internal timer is always on point (not the case)

  3. Saying yes to everything so people will get to know me and my business because “you have to get out there” this is not always the case but in the beginning of my business ride, I said yes to anything and everything and it was exhausting. I definitely had some great things come from the opportunities, however, I was still figuring out my way and was not really sure how to present my vision to everyone. This year I have said no to A LOT of things and it is tough because I do want to do everything and be everywhere but there is only so much 1 badass baker can do while working a part time job and running a business with no business background and a passion for all desserts (everything but the cake:)

  4. I have lost a lot of money and time because I thought certain people/businesses/groups would benefit me and at the end of the day, somethings are just not the right fit. I have met tons of amazing people and then there are the cliques and the groups that are not as helpful or real as they present themselves to be. I will always be me and do it my way. Take it or leave it.

  5. I have been fumbling over the last 3 years financially and this will not change anytime soon. It’s part of what I signed up for. Don’t feel sorry for me, I chose this life. In order to follow my dream, I have to sacrifice time spent with family and friends, I have to be extremely careful and selective on what I choose to spend money on and I have to make sure I can pay my bills. 2 car breakdowns in the last 6 months did not help.

As a business owner, it is important for me to be the same person you see on social media that I am in real life. This means, some days I am a hot mess with my hair pulled back, headband in maybe makeup or not, puffy face or on occasion the girl that is put together with my red lipstick and some teal or purple element in my wardrobe.

Truth is, some days I have no idea how to put together a sentence, remember my passwords, what day of the week it is or what I am doing 5 minutes from now, more or less 5 years from now.

I continue to follow my passion and fumble my way through this roller coaster of a ride. I am embracing the highs that I work so hard to accomplish and am slowly figuring out my way through this business in my own way (usually the hardest way possible). I am owning my messy, badass self and am always happy to tell you the truth of the hustle, the struggles and the rewards.

If I did not leave my full time job 3 years ago, there is no telling where I would be today. I know that if I did not take that initial step to try something new, I would not be anywhere close to where I am today. My desserts have been featured on Channel 3 news and New Day Cleveland, in Cleveland Magazine, in the sun newspaper, I had 3 desserts win awards in’s most sinful sweet contest and I was just named the 5th best Pastry Chef in Cleveland by Cleveland Scene Magazine.

Whatever your dream is, take that first step and keep on moving forward. The ride is one I have no regrets jumping onto and I am definitely just getting started.



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