What a week!

I love what I do and there is no question that baking is my true passion. No matter what goes on, I am eating, dreaming or thinking about desserts. Owning the fact that Iam an entrepreneur is something I am still settling into. It is very strange. Badass baker? YES! Business owner? YES! Feeling like I know what I am doing most days?? meh.

I used to think that Entrepreneur’s were people that made a lot of money doing what they love. This is true to some level, however the amount of effort and work that goes into being an entrepreneur is something you have to experience all on your own.

Things I love:)

  1. making my own decisions,

  2. embracing my creativity and passion through my sweet tooth,

  3. I love connecting with people who I never would have come into contact with if I did not become and Entrepreneur.

  4. my students who constantly support me beyond my classes and love to learn and eat sweets almost as much as me. I SERIOUSLY HAVE THE BEST STUDENTS EVER!

  5. Dessert!!! of course:)—- everything BUT the cake, eating, creating, teaching, and looking for my next creation.

Every month I have at least 1 week where I am overloaded with work. This is a good problem to have with the exception of potentially burning out at both ends. This is one of the many challenges of running a business on my own. I need the money, I love to create and I also need to take care of myself.

I have learned to say no to A LOT of things this year because as a solo entrepreneur, there is only so much I can handle at a time. I have not found a tree that grows money yet and until I do, I will continue to take this one day at a time.

This week I taught a sold out Macarons class, worked my part time job and had orders that included 1200 desserts along with the regular adulting responsibilities we all have to juggle every day.

I got to end my week celebrating the wedding of an amazing friend of mine and her new husband. I am beyond grateful to have been part of their special day and to have been asked to provide the sweets for their wedding. The desserts were set up by 330pm and gone by 7pm. WOW! what an honor it was. I am beyond grateful and am so happy I was there to see the wedding and see the response to my desserts.

My hard work Is definitely paying off:)

SUNDAY SHOUTOUT!I I am grateful to have my assistant Fiona and my student/friend Dana help me with some of the desserts for the week.

Today I am grateful and exhausted and taking time to gear up for the week ahead.

Thank you for your love and support.

This summer I will still host some baking classes, but I will also be taking a small break to reset for the fall.

Feel free to reach out anytime with orders, class ideas or if you know anyone that would love to learn to bake. I can always use some help and I am more than happy to show you the ways of my madness:)

Have an amazing week!



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