June is packed with classes, summer camp, a chopped competition, wedding shows, and my birthday:)

So much is going on in June and I figured that I would just sum it up in a blog:)

June is here and I have a packed month!! Here is the roundup:)

My baking classes have truly taken off since the fall. I am completely overwhelmed and excited that you continue to sign up for my classes again and again. Last year I had taught about 5 classes at this point. I am going to hit 80 classes in the next week. Yes, it continues to surprise me that it has been that many. I had no idea if people would want to learn how to bake and to learn it in a hands on way. I learn best by doing something, not so much by working in a group or by a demo so I began teaching my classes this way. Well, you definitely LOVE baking and some of you may love it almost as much as me:)

I initially struggled to come up with topics but now I feel like the possibilities are endless. Based on the success of the classes, I decided to host some kids baking summer camps. I wish there was something like this when I was a kid. I have taught tons of kids who have come with their parents to classes or friends and even had some kids assist me in my classes because they love to bake. I am super excited that I will begin my first round of summer camps on my birthday:) June 10th-14th from 9:30am until noon for the entire week. I cannot wait! If you know anyone who would like to send their kids, please encourage them to sign up!

Along with summer camp, I am hosting a kids chopped competition with Hathaway brown school in June and July!! Sooo fun!! I cannot wait to see what the kids come up with. I get to be the judge:)

June also brings 2 bridal shows for me, one is going to be at a wedding networking event, Thursday Therapy on June 6th and the other is going to be at a bridal show called Handpicked at the Madison on June 20th. I love getting to meet the vendors and have them see and taste my desserts. They truly are my heart and I put a lot of time and effort into every single thing that I create.

Add in my catering orders, my birthday and a vacation to see my bff in Cali Joyce:) June is definitely keeping me busy.

My classes this month include: French Macarons, Focaccia, Pies, Cream Puffs and Eclairs and a S’mores class along with my summer camps and private parties. All of my classes are posted on my website and Eventbrite.

Thank you for your support and constant excitement for me on this roller coaster ride! I am already gearing up for Fall and cannot wait to show you what I will be hosting in the fall/winter.

Have an amazing weekend! See you soon!! As always, feel free to reach out anytime with questions, pictures of your home baking, ideas for classes or menu items or orders. My email is anniessignaturesweetscle@gmail.com or message me on. my website.



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