Why I Blog

I have a tons of random thoughts throughout the day and I need somewhere to dump some of them so there is the short answer:)

Truth is blogging gives me time to reflect and think about what is on my mind and document it. For some reason, people can relate to my random thoughts and ideas and that is amazing. I can barely keep up myself. I have found that sitting at a computer and typing is a good release for me. Sometimes its about work, sometimes it is not. I appreciate any of you that read these and follow along with my randomness.

I don’t follow rules of blogging. Yes, there are rules. I just write what I am thinking. I do what I want and say what I want. If there is something about me, or my business or about baking that you would like me to write about, I am always open to suggestions.

For now, I will say that blogging has been a great way to release, have some accountability and reflection on my crazy roller coaster ride that is this boss babe life and also a way to connect with all of you.

Thanks for following me and supporting me always!!



Ann LoParoComment