High five to my hands!!

My hands are the vehicle to my business. They help me measure, mix, roll, cut, fold, shape, and explore my creativity. My hands also allow me to indulge in sweets anytime, anywhere. Without them, my job would be extremely difficult and nearly impossible. THANK YOU TO MY HANDS! YOU ARE AMAZING!

The reality is this, my job is extremely physical. Every day I am lifting, standing, loading/unloading items to and from stores, my car and the Hildebrandt, sprinkling flour, bending, shopping, mixing, cutting, driving, creating, shaping and eating sweets. When I was working in the restaurants, clubs and resorts, it was the same magnified! As a boss babe, I can do what I want and take my time to rest as needed.

The best part for me is definitely the creative outlet that seems to turn on when I am creating my desserts. It’s amazing to me that you can start with a few ingredients and create magical, delectable items by manipulating the ingredients in a certain way. Baking also gives you badass muscles (or at least 1 great one). it is definitely a great release, workout and amazing way to explore my artistic abilities.

I love that my classes have allowed me to share, learn and see how you interpret your own creativity. It’s fascinating, inspiring and keeps me going with a smile and a dream.

Thank you for allowing me to keep my hands in the air and wave them like I just don’t care. I do care, I care about you and am always grateful for your continued love and support on this roller coaster ride. Don’t forget to check out my fall schedule! So many options for everyone!



Ann LoParoComment