Learning to say no more often, prioritize, and sprinkle in some fun along the way.

This boss babe life is no joke. I will say it all the time. Fun and amazing yes, exhausting and overwhelming YESSSS!

I used to think anyone that had a business for a year or more had it all together. Truth is, most people don’t have it all together, no matter how many years they are in their business. Yes, certain things make situations less stressful, just in enough time to throw some new curveballs at you. It is a roller coaster for sure.

The “easy” answer is to go back to work for someone else’s dream and put my dream on the back burner, but honestly, that is not an option for me. Baking is my passion, teaching has opened my eyes to so much more about the actual baking process. I have embraced my creativity and become more confident along the way.

Teaching has brought me hundreds of students who want to learn from ME:) It’s amazing. It’s unreal. It’s my favorite thing about getting to run a business, following my own rules, sharing my passion and inspiring and teaching all of YOU.

I burned out before and will not let it happen again. I am much more aware of what I want to do and what I need to do for my business. NO is hard for me to say, but I have been saying it A LOT. Time for myself, Time to reflect, time to reduce my FOMO is necessary and FUN is definitely part of the equation.

I may never like the business side, but it is definitely necessary to continue pursing my dream. As I continue to figure things out, I am extremely grateful to have your support, excitement and love along the way. I am grateful, somewhat rested and anxious to see what the future holds for Annie’s Signature Sweets. I know it will be amazing, exhausting, overwhelming, stressful, rewarding, and sweet:)



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