Two books that have helped me change my life

I am not much of a reader. To be honest, I can barely keep focused on one thing at a time. Yes, I have ADD, it is not an excuse. I literally can barely sit still.

After an amazing trip to Bali in 2016, I read the book, “You are a badass”, by Jen Sincero. Not only was this book inspiring, had short chapters and a tell you like it is message, it was funny and it kept my attention.

I would read 2-3 chapters a night on my kindle and it was the first time that I could relate to the exact words in a book, relate it to my life and feel like someone wrote the book for me. I mean literally some things were oddly in sync with exactly what I was going through. This may have been the first time I found the clarity that I sooo needed after burning out of the restaurant business and feeling completely lost. I had no idea what was going to happen on a day to day basis or minute to minute basis.

This book truly helped me overcome so much and I am so beyond grateful to have read it, embraced my badass baker mentality and keep on keeping on through the roller coaster that is life. I finished it and have re-read it and still find new tidbits of information that I can apply to my life.

I was able to meet the author last fall and It was amazing!

The second book that helped me change my life is “Girl wash your face” by Rachel Hollis. I was recommended that I go to see her documentary by a friend and of course loved it and decided to read the book immediately afterwards.

These authors are completely different but their approaches are the same. They are funny, honest, direct and passionate about their struggles, their lives and embracing their successes.

I so appreciate the real authentic approaches to life, business, money and focusing on what is most important to me and my badass baker self.

There are always days where I struggle, but I am always proud of how far I have come on this adventure by myself. It’s definitely not easy but soooo worth it.

I highly recommend both of these books!!

I know that everyone has their own ideas of what inspires them. If these are not the books for you, find something that helps keep you real, honest, laughing and loving what you do in life because it can change in an instant. I would love to hear from you if you have anything in mind for me to read, although let be real, it might be a few months before I get to it:) The Holidays are coming and I will be living in the kitchen pretty soon:) I would love to have you join me anytime!



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