Today is my 2nd Annieversary!!!

Wow! What a year, to think that a year ago, I thought I had accomplished a lot, year 2 was definitely bigger, better and amazing!

I cannot thank you all enough for the constant love and support, smiles, likes, tags, shares, purchasing my sweets, attending all of my classes, selling out several of my classes this year. I have created insurmountable memories and it literally brings tears to my eyes. As I write this, the badass baker is definitely getting emotional.

I say it all the time, I work on this business alone. It is truly a struggle in so many ways from the time management, to the business stuff struggle to the unpredictable nature that is the life of an entrepreneur.

I am extremely proud that you choose me again and again and again. Every single moment or time that you are spending thinking of me, supporting me or showing up for me in so many ways, I cannot even begin to thank you enough. It lights me up, fuels my passion and pushes me to keep on keeping on.

You have no idea how much your support means to me and thank you does not seem like enough. I am humbled, grateful, emotional (happy tears are flowing), joyful, inspired, anxious, hopeful, and the luckiest girl there is. There are no truer words than everything is “figureoutable” It’s tough, but sooo worth it.

Some highlights from this year include:

  • Channel 3 news segment - September 2018

  • New Day Cleveland- October 2018

  • Cleveland’s 5th most sinful sweet (pretzel salted caramel cheesecake)- November 2018

  • Cleveland’s 5th best Pastry chef- April 24- 2019

  • Front page of the Sun Newspaper- Flexing my muscle

  • Features by the Cleveland Bucket list and Beard and Broad

  • Selling out several classes this year

  • Increasing my baking classes from 10 to 90

  • Feature in my high school’s magazine -Maginificat High School

  • I was on the radio for the first time

  • I got to meet my favorite author, Jen Sincero

  • I have been inspired by all of you!

  • I have the best students ever!!!

I work extremely hard and I feel like this last year confirmed that this is the path I am supposed to be on. I said no to several things that I didn’t want to say no to but needed to so I could focus on this business. It is a 24 hour job for sure. Every year I am gaining more clarity, more confidence and excitement for the future of this boss babe life.

I will always be celebrating and am so excited to be celebrating with you in class, at an event or if we are out and about and chatting about life and its crazy bumps.

Have the best week ever! Don’t ever think its too late to start over. I have done it a few times and I feel like at 42, I am finally enjoying it. All of it. All the bumps, the joy and the inspiration. Keep an eye out for more awkward poses, some amazing things in 2020 and new adventures in year 3!!!



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