My students amaze and inspire me

I started teaching in February 2018. I assumed I would teach a few classes to some students who like to bake. I knew it would be fun, I did not realize what I was walking into. WOW!

I never thought or realized just how much of an impact my students would have on my life, my passion, my joy and how they keep me inspired.

I cannot even begin to describe the joy that teaching has brought me. It is pure JOY! From the moment someone buys a ticket and I get an email, I am smiling ear to ear and eager to see my students. It is even more exciting to see students return again and again. It truly is the biggest compliment EVER!

I have never taken for granted that each person that comes to my class chooses ME. Whether someone bought the ticket for them and gave it to them as a gift, or it was something that seemed interesting, there is JOY from every single person. There is an openness, there is a trust that these students put into me that they are not only going to learn something about baking, but they are going to have a great time, meet great people and amazing food that they will be creating themselves. I supply some amazing snacks too:)

I am supported by my students even when I make a mistake (or several), they are my biggest cheerleaders, they are rooting me on the whole time and sharing a part of their lives with me. WOW!

I am constantly inspired and happy, thanks to all of YOU. I truly have the best students EVER!

Today was a sad day, I found out I had lost one of my students to cancer. She was only 32 years old and had a bright light that made her impact huge and I am grateful to have gotten to know her. She and I met because she chose to attend my class as the first thing she could do after a bone marrow transplant. It is extremely humbling and heartwarming to know what an impact she had on my life.

You all have inspired me and amaze me with your openness, joy and love of baking.

Fall is almost here and I am anxious for an amazing time with all of you.

Thank you for choosing me!!

I am beyond blessed and grateful for your support.



Ann LoParoComment