What to expect in my baking classes

If you need to find me, I will most likely be at the Hildebrandt until June or on occasion, eating sweets, pretzels or carbs in CLE.

Honestly, I say this all the time, But I have taught over 93 classes since February 2018. I am loving every moment. I love having repeat students, new students, topics that are fresh, topics that people love and of course the connections I have made and continue to make with every one of you. Ooooohhh and of course the endless memories.

Classes have definitely not been without mishaps, dropped trays, possibly a small fire may or may not have happened in a class, but the thing that remains the same, I HAVE THE BEST STUDENTS EVER!!! I truly mean it. I cannot look at my phone without seeing happy faces, silly pictures, people working hard and having a great time. I often have to remind my students to breathe (especially when piping) but they always come out of class with a huge smile, a huge sense of accomplishment and lots of sweets they created themselves.

It is important to me that my students learn by doing the actual steps. I make sure to keep classes sizes to a minimum of 10 people so the classes are intimate, there is plenty of room to work and I have plenty of opportunities to jump in and help as needed. It is important that you have space and time as you need it, but if I see something that I have a suggestion to help you, I will step in.

I always have materials for you to use in class, aprons, and containers to take your products home.

You should never feel intimidated to come by yourself. I have had TONS of students come alone. My students are always welcomed by other students and I love seeing the relationships that form. Just the other night, I had a student share her wine that she brought. Sharing is caring:) ok yes, I am cheesy and I don’t care lol.

I have over 30 classes posted and I am always coming up with new ideas and topics. Unfortunately, I have to cancel or reschedule classes that have less than 3 people in them. I have a no refund policy in my classes, the only exception to this rule is if I cancel a class, you will be refunded. I am hoping to not have to cancel ANY classes. I truly LOVE having you all in class.

As I move forward 100% on my own in a little over a week, I will have even more ideas, surprises and classes. Stay tuned and make sure you are registered to receive my newsletter for my weekly updates or stay up to date on Facebook, Instagram or my website.

UPCOMING CLASSES INCLUDE: Pretzels, Focaccia, Cream Puffs & Eclairs, Pumpkin Rolls, Christmas cookies, Chocolate bark, brittle and truffles, Swiss cake rolls, French Macarons, Pies, Galettes, Pumpkin Tiramisu, Cheesecake and so much more!

Have an amazing week! See you at the Hildebrandt:)



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