Making things happen

Making things happen……

It’s not easy. It is insane. It is chaotic. It is thrilling. It is beyond comprehension, but guess what, I am doing it. Yep! The girl who burned out of the business after a decade is actually running a business with no business background or financial backing or support. Yep, I am proof that you can make it happen.

I encourage you to get out of your head and find something that interests you, and then take a step, just one step. It could be life changing. If you don’t make any steps and stay in your head, you will remain exactly where you are today.

It’s your choice, make it happen or keep things the same and find a new way to find joy in the chaos, uncertainty.

I never want anyone to think that everything is perfect, I never want anyone to think that all of this is glamorous, all that I want is to focus on the fun things but the messy things and bumpy things make me stop and reflect.

I have lots of uncertainty as I move ahead 100% focusing on my business. I will get in my own way at times, but I am not going to let anything stop me.

I encourage you to make the most of every situation and I promise to do the same.



Ann LoParo