What a week! Wow!

I am beyond excited to be back in the kitchen. I had 3 amazing classes with 12 students, 7 returning students and 5 new students. It honestly makes me sooo happy I cannot even stand it. Your openness, your trust in me, your creativity, your questions, your support. it means so much. Thank you!

To sum up this past week, I was featured on Cleveland.com and In the Sun Newspaper, I taught Macarons, Sweet & Savory Scones and Tiramisu, I have connected with new people, reconnected with others. I have been extremely anxious, hyper and excited about geting back in the kitchen.

I finally feel like an Entrepreneur. I finally feel like I am getting the hang of some this boss babe stuff. I refuse to let the other stuff take over my life. I am going to take each challenge as it comes. I saw a friend’s post today about her week in GIFS. I live my life most days by the hour, literally. I am trying to build some structure but the reality is, I am not a structured soul. I am a gypsy soul with a passion and I am proud to be making progress.

I am making sure when I feel weighted down by the business stuff, to try to take a step back, or step away for a bit and get back to it. Life will always be challenging. Life does not have to always be challenging. I am choosing to keep on living my cheesy carbo filled sweet life and I am more than happy to have you join me on this roller coaster ride.

Thank you for embracing and supporting me in the good times, the chaotic times and the times that I may be off my game. I am forever grateful to each of you!



Ann LoParoComment