Michelle K.

"I cannot way enough good things about Annie's Signature Sweets! If you are looking for beautiful and unique desserts, look no further! Annie makes desserts including brownies, cheesecakes, cookies, tarts and more! The first time I tried Annie's cheesecakes I was blown away! I am a sucker for a cheesecake and Annie's is the best! Her salted caramel pretzel cheesecake is divine, Creamy, smooth, sweet and salty, this cheesecake is to die for. Another favorite of mine is her matcha cheesecake with chocolate crust. This cheesecake is so unique in flavor and the matcha and chocolate pair together so perfectly, it's addicting. Annie you are a beautiful baker and I can't wait to see what creative dessert you come up with next! Chefs and bakers like you are what make the Cleveland food scene so exciting and unique.” -Michelle K.

Beth Conway